Luma Pictures

Industry: Film Production

System: Optitrack S250e

Translating concept art and storyboards into the animated mannerisms of a larger-than-life CG monster is challenging for even the most talented animators. Luma Pictures – the team responsible for character development, animation, and film VFX for the Über Lycan in “Underworld: Awakening” – addressed this challenge with the assistance of an OptiTrack motion capture system, installed on-site at their Santa Monica studio.

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Industry: Game Production

System: iPi Soft

Game On For iPi Soft And Halo 4

Markerless Motion Capture System Plays Key Role For Leading Design/Animation Studio The Sequence Group’s Work On Latest Iteration Of Popular Videogame Series

Looking to tell more complex stories with increasingly realistic looking characters and action, leading videogame production/design studios like Vancouver-based The Sequence Group are turning to markerless motion capture tools from iPi Soft, who recently put the company’s iPi Motion Capture software to impressive use on the latest version of the popular videogame Halo 4.

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