Virtual Reality

Motion Capture for the UK Army

Industry: Defence

System: IGS-180i & Jack Driver

Animazoo is pleased to announce that the UK Army has selected an Animazoo IGS-180 Motion capture system for use at its Land Forces HQ in Hampshire, UK.

HQ Land Forces is located at Andover in Hampshire and commands almost 100% of the Army’s fighting capability.

HQ Land Forces’ role is to deliver and sustain the Army’s operational capability, whenever required throughout the world, and the Command comprises of all operational troops in Great Britain, Germany, Nepal and Brunei, together with the Army Training Teams in Canada, Belize and Kenya. This includes providing equipment including tanks, attack helicopters and infantry vehicles.

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Škoda Auto

Industry: Car Manufacture

System: IGS-180i & JACK DRIVER

Synertial are proud to reveal that the European car manufacturer Skoda, part of the Volkswagen Group, has selected the Synertial IGS-180i Motion Capture System and IGS-JACK Driver after a thorough evaluation of the motion capture market.

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