Synertial IGS Cobra Glove

Introducing the worlds most accurate inertial glove. Capture high quality hand motion capture quickly and easily.


7, 12 or 15 sensors

  • 7 sensors, 12 sensors or 15 sensors
  • Use separately or with a suit
  • Up to 16G’s in action tolerance
  • 3ms or higher System Latency
  • Native support for Animate, Motionbuilder, Unity and Unreal
  • Optical Rigs integration (Vicon, Motion Analysis, Optitrack, PhaseSpace)
  • Unsurpassed Magnetic Immunity (UMI)
  • Bespoke fitting
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off

Perfect Sync with Optical Rigs

Synertial has the best in class finger capture solution available

  • Accurate palm flex and individual finger bones measurement provides superior recording of thumb and finger touching, provides unmatched finger-capture accuracy.
  • Occlusion-free finger capture to reduce post production time and cost.
  • Integrates directly with suit, or can be used separately

Hybrid with laser positioning Sensors

The 7-sensor gloves provide a great job with most finger motion capture, whereby Interpolation is used to approximate the un-tracked finger joints; these gloves also the intermediate phalanges and interpolate the orientation changes of the rest of the finger joints.

The 12-sensor gloves are recording the proximal phalanges in addition to the Intermediate phalanges, thereby providing a more realistic picture of the finger motion, i.e., the differential bending of joints that occurs in response to applying pressure.

The 15-sensor gloves add the distal phalanges (fingertips) of the index, middle, and ring finger.

What is Unique?

  • We record the motion between the fingers (adduction abduction)
  • Measures and records palm flex
  • Excellent thumb and finger tip touching
  • Record up to 8 pairs of hands at once

Absolute Tracking

  • System tracks wrist position for very accurate tracking.
  • Integration with any motion capture suit
  • Add fingers to other systems
  • Inertial motion capture
  • Optinertial for Optical mortion capture



  • Wired Connectivity: 2m USB Cable
  • WiFi Connectivity: 20m range with provided router

In The Case

  • 1 x IGS Glove (Right or Left)
  • 1 x Main Processing Unit
  • Software and Drivers
  • 1 x Wireless Router (Wireless option only)
  • 1 x Rechargable Battery (Wireless option only)


  • 7 to 15dx Micro IMUs
  • On-Board Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetometer
  • Internal Update rate: 500Hz
  • Gyro Range: 2 000 degrees/sec
  • Accelerometer range: 2, 4, 8 or 16 G
  • Dimensions: 16mm x 10mm x 3,5mm

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • i5 CPU or equivalent
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB free hard drive space


  • Hand Size: Unlimited
  • Wired MPU: 65mm x 35mm x 15mm
  • Wireless MPU: 100mm x 65mm x 20mm
  • Battery: 125mm x 75mm x 22mm (Wireless option only)

Data Output

Direct link to

  • Siemens Jack and PSH
  • Dassault Delmia and Catia
  • Autodesk Motionbuilder
  • MatLab
  • 30 and 60 frames per second capture

If you would like to purchase the Synertial IGS Cobra Glove

  • call 03 9687 8638 (Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm)
  • or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

CyberGlove Systems CyberGlove III



Next Generation Data Glove Technology
The MoCap Glove takes what the original CyberGlove products have established with 20 years of experience, producing improved and new features, capabilities and design that are perfectly suited for the motion capture environment.

Old Meets New, And Then Some
Cyberglove brings its years of experience, expertise and reliability through its unprecedented flex sensor technology. With significant improvements implemented to the new HyperSensor™ patented technology, motion hand capture data is clean, repeatable, and even more accurate. New Wi-Fi communication provides for improved connectivity and an increased operating range of more than 100 feet.

  • Onboard Portable Data Storage: Allows for increased data storage, consistent data tracking, ability for multiple devices to capture simultaneously, faster plug-and-play for ease of data retrieval; various storage capacities gives more flexibility.
  • Jam Synch: Synchronize the MoCap Gloves to the stage master time code clock analog with other motion capture systems, video and other peripheral devices (i.e. full-body and facial trackers, head cams, etc.).
  • Power Save Mode: Extends battery life and recording time.
  • 12-bit A-D Conversion: Compatibility with high resolution sensors without loss of precision. Future design capability for 16-bit A-D conversion.
  • New Design: Compact housing delivers comfort and less intrusiveness. New arm band is perfectly suited for rigorous mobility during motion capture sessions with less hindrance to the actor.
  • Sensor Mount Option: Mount camera marker on glove for tracking.
  • Active Palm Arch Sensor: Produces additional hand data for even more realistic animations.
  • Backwards Compatibility: Continued support for existing software applications.
  • Enhanced Command Set: Enables precise control of data capture, independantly from each channel (Wi-Fi, SD Card and USB).


  • Number of sensors: 18 or 22
  • Sensor resolution: <1 degree
  • Sensor repeatability: 3 degrees (average standard deviation between wearings
  • Sensor linearity: maximum 0.6% standard deviation nonlinearity over full joint range
  • Sensor data rate: Up to 100 records/sec (SD card); up to 120 records/sec (USB and Wi-Fi)
  • Operating system and hosts: Windows XP 32-bit and Vista (64-bit XP and Windows 7 coming soon)
  • Wireless technology: 802.11g Wi-Fi
  • Battery duration: 2 hours
  • Battery charger: External
  • Operating range: 100+ feet radius from Wi-Fi source (optimal environment)
  • Interface: 802.11g Wi-Fi, USB, micro SD card

If you would like to purchase the CyberGlove Systems CyberGlove III

  • call 03 9687 8638 (Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm)
  • or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.