Compare OptiTrack Cameras

The following table should simplify the process and make it easier to compare the OptiTrack cameras features and functionality.

Compare cameras

Prime 41Prime 41Large Volume MocapPrime 17WPrime 17WMed-Large Volume, High SpeedPrime 13Prime 13Medium Volume, High SpeedPrime 13WPrime 13WWide FOV, High SpeedSlim 13ESlim 13ELow Profile & OEMFlex 13Flex 13Medium Volume MocapFlex 3Flex 3Small Volume MocapSlim 3USlim 3UComputer Vision & OEMV120:TrioV120:Trio6DoF Desktop TrackingV120:DuoV120:Duo6DoF Desktop Tracking
Resolution2048 × 20481664 × 10881280 × 1024640 × 480640 × 480 (×3)640 × 480 (×2)
Frame Rate180 FPS360 FPS240 FPS120 FPS100 FPS120 FPS
Latency5.5 ms2.8 ms4.2 ms8.3 ms10 ms8.3 ms
Filter Switcher1NoNoIncludedOptionalIncluded2No
Bundled Softwaren/aMotive:Tracker
(Perpetual License)
Finger TrackingYesNoYesNo
Single-device Multi-camera TrackingNoYes
Maximum Units Per Workstation96+241
Maximum Range3
100 feet4
30.5 meters
50 feet
15.2 meters
40 feet
12.2 meters
20 feet
6.1 meters
40 feet
12.2 meters
40 feet5
12.2 meters
36 feet5
11 meters
Stock Lens
51°70°56°82°56°56°46°n/a47° 647° 6
Stock Lens
Optional Lenses
n/an/a42°n/a42°42°38°, 58°38°, 46°, 58°, Other7n/an/a
Optional Lenses
n/an/a34°n/a34°34°29°, 45°29°, 35°, 45°, Other7n/an/a
InterfaceGigE/PoE+GigE/PoEUSB 2.0
Synchronization MethodNetworkOptiSyncWired and OptiSyncWired8n/a9n/a9
Image Processing ModesRaw Grayscale, Segment, Object, and MJPEG10, 11, 12Precision Grayscale, Raw Grayscale, Segment, Object, and MJPEGPrecision Grayscale, Segment, and MJPEG
Number of LEDs17020 (UHP)136210 (UHP)13n/a2826n/a26 (×3)26 (×2)
LED Strobe ModeYesn/aYesn/aYes
LED Intensity ControlYesn/aYesn/aYes
Shutter TypeGlobal
Electronic Exposure ControlYes
Frame Rate ControlYes
Camera BodyAluminum & PolycarbonateAluminumAluminum14Aluminum
Standard Tripod Mount
  1. Allows cameras to switch between infrared and visible light for scene video.
  2. Center imager only.
  3. Distance at which a marker is visible as a single pixel.
  4. Using Maximum Power for IR strobe, which requires a PoE+ Ethernet switch.
  5. Using High Power strobe mode, which requires an OptiHub.
  6. Horizontal FOV is based on the overlapping of cameras.
  7. Also accepts third-party CS/C/M12 lenses.
  8. Requires using the optional V120 Sync Break-Out Cable.
  9. Hardware sync between multiple V120:Duo and V120:Trio devices is not supported.
  10. Prime 41 MJPEG is downsampled to 1/16 resolution (512 × 512).
  11. Prime 17W MJPEG is downsampled to 1/4 resolution (832 × 544), frame rate is adjustable from 30 FPS to 350 FPS.
  12. Prime 13 and Prime 13W MJPEG is downsampled to 1/4 resolution (640 × 512)
  13. Ultra high power LEDs (UHP).
  14. With purchase of optional V120:SLIM case.