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OptiTrack Motive 3.0 is a robust and accurate optical tracking software from OptiTrack that includes an intelligent solver for precision marker labelling and skeletal tracking. Use Motive 3.0 to deliver global 3D positions, marker IDs, rotational data (with respect to the object’s local reference), and of course, hyper accurate skeletal tracking. Reach out to our experts to find out more.

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    best real time

    Real Time Tracking

    Motive + OptiTrack cameras deliver the best performing real time human and object tracking available today.

    movement science

    Movement Science

    Motive 3.x supports Delsys Trigno EMG platforms with simplified setup for eSync, force plates, and DAQ devices.

    Quantum Solver

    Quantum Solver

    Motive’s new quantum solver can track 10+ actors or 300+ rigid bodies simultaneously.

    New Skeletal Solver

    Vastly improved skeletal tracking precision. Robust, accurate bone tracking – even during heavy occlusion of markers

    What’s a solver?

    “Solver” in human motion tracking terms refers to the programmatic process of estimating the pose (6 DoF) of each bone, deduced by the actual measured markers, at each frame of measurement.

    precision solver, like that developed for Motive 3.0, accurately defines the skeleton movement of the tracked subject(s) which yields higher confidence and more nuanced performance capture for character animation.

    robust solver will also perform precision marker labelling and skeletal tracking even when many markers are hidden from cameras or lost, providing more reliable tracking data and vastly reduced editing time across all applications.





    Active and Passive tracking. Motive processes OptiTrack camera data to deliver global 3D positions, marker IDs, rotational data (with respect to the object’s local reference), and of course, hyper accurate skeletal tracking.

    Passive markers – or retroreflective markers, including spheres, hemispheres, and even flat reflective discs, are easily tracked with OptiTrack’s precision, long range cameras.

    Signature Pulse Active invisible IR LEDs, enable 100% error free marker ID’s, low latency data delivery and <0.1s acquisition time. It’s become the benchmark for low latency VR tracking, ground truth systems for AR, and high subject count robotics applications such as drone swarms.


    Continuous Calibration. Dramatically reduces operator workload while consistently improving data quality. After initial camera installation and ‘wand wave’, Motive calibrates automatically with data collected during normal use of the system. No longer does your calibration degrade over time with changing temperatures or challenging building movement—it is always a “fresh” calibration delivering precision tracking data.

    Forceplate and EMG integration. Native, plug-and-play support for all major digital force plates (AMTI, Bertec and Kistler), Delsys EMG, and analog devices, providing researchers the tools they need most for real-time display, reporting and analysis.

    OptiTrack Motive Desktop Monitor Forceplate

    OptiTrack Motive

    Setup and operation is easy. Motive makes system setup easy. Aim Assist, auto-masking, one-click rigid body creation, versatile hardware and the industry’s longest range cameras make even large systems easy to set up with just one person.

    Track (way) more stuff. With a single tracking system and a single PC, everything on-set can be tracked including drone swarms, micro-robots, performers, props, head mounted displays, set pieces, live action and virtual cameras, clapperboards, and even the Director’s coffee mug.

    User Customization

    Motive’s workflow makes it easy to create and customize hundreds of new trackables, initialize a dozen performers, return to yesterday’s work, or to start trials for a new patient.


    Hotkeys. Redesigned to visualize hotkey assignments, allowing for extremely fast navigation among viewports, and fully customizable workflows.

    Custom Scripting.

    Custom Scripting. Python and C# batch scripting tools with powerful templates—ready be used out of the box, or as a starting point for custom workflows.

    Mouse Presets. 

    Mouse Presets. Match assignments to other 3D packages, including Maya, Blade, MotionBuilder and Visual3D, or make custom presets in seconds.

    New Viewports. 

    New Viewports. Create the perfect workspace with improved visualizations, 3D rendering, and per-viewport customization options.


    One-click subject calibration. Calibrate new performers, subjects, patients, athletes and skeletons in an instant, with a single button click. You can even do so with multiple subjects in the volume at once. The character pipelines into Unreal Engine, Unity, MotionBuilder, and several others are polished for production ease and reliability.

    Editing tools. Motive’s solver already enables a massive reduction in editing time, but included Python and C# templates will take care of the remainder of post processing, if any. Mocap made easy.

    Editing Tools

    Flexible Real-Time
    Streaming Options

    Motive gives users the choice between turn-key pipelines, or customized outputs for unique requirements. Stream patient data into Visual3D, InSight and MotionMonitor, stream performance mocap into Unreal, Unity3D, MotionBuilder, or write your own interface with our free NatNet SDK and camera SDK.

    Streaming Types NatNet (UDP with Multicast/Unicast options)
    Lab Integrations STT InSight
    Plugins Unreal Engine
    OpenVR (HMD Tracking)
    Maya (VCS only)

    External sync in/out, Genlock, and Time Code. Synchronize Prime and Primex cameras to any signal or source with the eSync 2 with all the functionality and flexibility you’d expect with a professional tracking system. Cameras sync to dozens of sources including a professional cameras’ Genlock signal, where record and other event triggering can be managed from general purpose inputs and software commands.

    Use the sync output signal as a master or to trigger force plates, EMGs and National Instrument DAQs for flexible yet precise hardware synchronization. Highly accurate frame timing can also be achieved with SMTPE Time Code for ease in editing and logging. OptiTrack’s free and open SDK allows for further customization within the timing protocols.

    Red Camera

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    Our team of Motion Capture professionals are just an email or a phone call away.

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