Ascension driveBAY

Ascension makes 3D tracking devices for medical guidance, minimally invasive surgery, real-time visualization, and target acquisition. Our position and orientation tracking devices navigate, localize, and guide medical instruments for image-guided procedures. They also capture human motions for interaction with 3D graphical worlds and biomedical analysis. From our pioneering Flock of Birds to our newest 3D Guidance trackers, Ascension’s innovative technologies can solve your 3D tracking needs.

driveBay is metal tolerant, that is output is unaffected by composite materials. Capable of driving errors induced by highly constructive metals (such as aluminum) to zero by adjusting measurement rate. Using advanced magnetic technology and signal processing the driveBay features improved dynamic performance over longer ranges and “Power-line” noise filtered out. The driveBay is also occlusion and drift free removing the requirement for clear line-of-sight between transmitter and sensor(s).

Key Features

  • Minimal footprint: electronics unit fits into your PC’s drive bay.
  • Fast 3D tracking: 240 – 420 updates per second.
  • Small, lightweight 6DOF sensors for unobtrusive tracking and instrument tip guidance.
  • Multiple magnetic field transmitters (generators) for extended tracking ranges.
  • Immunity from most conductive metal distorters of accuracy.
  • A attitude: no inertial drift or optical occlusions.
  • Tracks 1 to 4 6DOF sensors simultaneously.

Tracker electronics inside your PC. “The driveBAY is the latest addition to the Ascension 3D Guidance family of ultra-fast trackers of small magnetic sensors. Users can select update rates as high as 420 times a second for each of four miniaturised sensors. The module fits into your PC’s drive bay.” Jeff Ferguson, Immersive Technologies Consultant.

Manufacturer’s Description

  • Fast, dynamic tracking – 240 to 420 updates per second.
  • Miniaturized passive sensors – outputs unaffected by “power-line” noise sources.
  • All attitude tracking – no inertial drift or optical interference.
  • High metal immunity – no distortion from non magnetic metals.


Sensor Configurations:

Model 55 (0.56 mm), Model 90 (0.9 mm), Model 130 (1.5 mm), Model 180 (2.0 mm), Model 800 (8.0 mm)

Degrees of Freedom:

6 (Position and Orientation)

Update Rate:

Up to 420 updates/second for each sensor (Default: 240 updates/second)

Translation Range:


  • Mid-Range Transmitter: 25 cm (10.0 inches)
  • Short-Range Transmitter: Contact Ascension


  • Mid-Range Transmitter: 36 cm (14.0 inches)
  • Short-Range Transmitter: Contact Ascension


  • Mid-Range Transmitter: 46 cm (18.0 inches)
  • Short-Range Transmitter: Contact Ascension


  • Mid-Range Transmitter: 58 cm (23.0 inches)
  • Short-Range Transmitter: Contact Ascension


  • Mid-Range Transmitter: 78 cm (31.0 inches)
  • Short-Range Transmitter: 46 cm (18.0 inches)

Angular Range:

All Attitude: ± 180° Azimuth & Roll, ± 90° Elevation

Static Accuracy*:

Position: 1.4 mm (0.055 inch) RMS Orientation: 0.5° RMS
* Higher accuracies achievable in smaller tracking volumes

Static Resolution:

Position: 0.5 mm (0.02 inch) at 30.5 cm (12.0 inches) Orientation: 0.1° at 30.5 cm (12.0 inches) *Resolution measured for tracker with mid-range transmitter and 8 mm sensor.


X, Y, Z positional coordinates, orientation angles, orientation matrix or quaternions


USB 2.0

Data Format:

Binary data records


Windows API and Drivers


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