Organic Motion OpenStage 2.0


Markerless Mocap for Education

Take off the attached markers and uncomfortable bodysuits because you won’t need them with OpenStage motion capture . Forget complicated calibrations and time-consuming setups. Now your students can focus on creating 3D animations, designing interactive games and simulations, doing research and more without worrying about the technology. Why? Because OpenStage is a mocap system so dramatically advanced that it becomes invisible to the students.Everyone in the class gets involved in the creative process because anyone can step in and instantly create their own real-time 3D motion data using regular street clothes in a natural and intuitive way.

Multi-discipline and Interdepartmental Use


The plug and play simplicity of Organic Motion’s technology makes it ideal for multi-discipline and interdepartmental use. The arts department, the computer science team, the life sciences group and others can use the system in their respective teaching and research disciplines because:

  • There is no need for any setup, dedicated technician, special suits, or markers
  • The system is easy to learn and easy to use
  • The system produces professional quality data necessary for any application

A Sensible Investment: The lowest cost per user

Most of the cost associated a marker based motion capture system is hidden in the maintenance to operate the system after it is purchased. That is of course, if it even ends up being used on a consistent basis – which many do not because they are so difficult to maintain and operate.
Fortunately, OpenStage 2 eliminates most of these costs because:

  • Everybody can use the system, with no special equipment or clothes.
  • No downtime between users.
  • No additional maintenance expenses
  • No need for dedicated personnel
  • Can be used across multiple Departments
  • Factor in all of the above and you get the lowest cost per user in the market.

Provide Your Students with the Latest and Greatest Technology

An investment in Organic Motion’s systems is an investment in your students’ future, making you part of a growing community involved in the next generation motion capture experience. The increasing utilization of markerless motion capture across multiple industries requires students to develop skills in this area to remain up to date with the technology trends.

  • Use what the pros are using
  • Create hype and excitement for your programs
  • Increase enrollment by showing off this bleeding edge technology

OpenStage 2.0 Technical Overview

Technical Specifications

  • omstage_empty-edietdTracking volumes available from 14x14ft up to 20x20ft
  • Tracks 1 – 5 actors depending on camera configuration and available space
  • Bones: 21 bones – 5 to 6 degrees of freedom each
  • Tracks at 120fps real-time, with approximately 50-25ms latency
  • Designed for indoor use with provided high frequency lighting


  • OpenStage 2 Tracking Software embedded in Vision Processor
  • BackStage administration software for controlling Vision Processor remotely
  • Software Plug-in for Autodesk® MotionBuilder®


  • Vision Processor with proprietary OpenStage 2 Tracking Software
  • Expansion Boxes: 1 – 2 supporting up to 8 cameras per Box
  • High Speed Color Cameras: 14 – 24 based on configuration
  • All connection cables; Firewire 800 with thumb screws; 30ft cables; active repeaters available
  • Extruded aluminum truss
  • White fabric walls
  • Rubber foam interlocking floor
  • Fluorescent high frequency stage lights
  • Mounting hardware for cameras and lights


  • Instantaneous User Calibration
  • System Calibration on-site in under 3 minutes via wand

Support Services

  • Phone and email support and all software upgrades available with standard support contracts
  • First year limited warranty on hardware


If you would like to purchase the Organic Motion OpenStage 2.0

  • call 03 9687 8638 (Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm)
  • or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.