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Engineered to track objects in 6DoF with exacting precision—with support for real-time and offline workflows—OptiTrack Motive Tracker is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding engineering and research applications.

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Powerful rigid body solving

The most precise 6DoF data imaginable is at your fingertips with OptiTrack Motive: Tracker’s industry-leading 3D reconstruction and rigid body solving. Use high-level tracking filters and constraints to fine tune the performance of your object tracking—perfect for demanding applications like high object count and high speed UAV tracking.

64-bit, multi-threaded architecture

OptiTrack Motive: Tracker was designed from the ground-up to leverage the native power of the latest Windows 64-bit OS and Intel/AMD 64-bit processors, enabling tracking of more tracked objects, longer recordings, larger file sizes, and support for hundreds of cameras per system.

Setup is easy

OptiTrack Motive: Tracker reduces system setup time by up to 75%. Aim Assist, auto-masking, one-click rigid body creation, versatile hardware and the industry’s longest range cameras make even large systems easy to setup with just one person.



Flexible real-time streaming options

OptiTrack Motive: Tracker supports industry standard streaming engines like VRPN and Trackd alongside custom network interface development via our freeNatNet SDK.


Open SDKs & API access

OptiTrack Motive: Tracker’s flexible architecture and free dev tools create the world’s first truly open optical tracking platform, offering access data at any stage in the pipeline—2D camera images, marker centroid data, unlabeled 3D points, labeled markers, and rigid bodies. You can even replace the Motive:Tracker UI completely and directly control system operation in your application with our Motive API.


Recording and data management

OptiTrack Motive: Tracker’s new asset and data management systems will automatically assign rigid bodies and custom markersets to the recordings they were tracked in as file metadata—all of which is contained within a single project folder for simple management during complex trials.


External sync in/out

Integrate your OptiTrack system with other devices and large scale tracking and analytical ecosystems with external sync in/out for slave and triggering events. Utilize either frame triggers or free-run triggering to synchronize frame cycling with external software controls and hardware components like shutter glasses.

Data editing with manual labeling with custom markersets

In addition to standard optical editing tools like gap filling, track swapping, and more, OptiTrack Motive:Tracker enables the creation of custom markersets to manually label trajectories for tracking small, non-rigid marker clusters.”



System health monitoring with indicators

OptiTrack Motive: Tracker’s extensive health system monitors real-time performance throughout your pipeline, from camera operation to the quality of your recordings. Prime Series camera users will enjoy native integration of the camera status indicator ring, which provides real-time indication of every camera in the system’s activity and health.

Sync’d reference video with 3D overlay

Drop any tracking camera into the video reference group in the camera manager and transform it into a full-frame, calibrated, synchronized reference camera with support for 3D data overlay.


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(+61) 3 9687 8638


Factory 31, 91 Moreland Street,
Footscray, VIC 3011

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