The MotionMonitor Bike Fit System

The MotionMonitor Bike Fit System is designed to deliver the speed and accuracy that the professional bike fitter requires when setting up a bike. The system is icon driven to ensure the right steps are taken in the right order. The approach is foolproof! Here is a quick overview.

Activate Hardware


  • A click of the mouse activates your hardware.
  • 120 readings per second provide the speed and accuracy to track elite riders.
  • Digitize key points on the bike in less than a minute.
  • Accuracy is sub-millimeter

Setup Bike Rider

Digtize Bike RiderEdited

  • Digitize your rider in less than 2 minutes to obtain biomechanicaly accurate segment lengths and joint centers.
  • Spot rider limitations before the fitting process begins.
  • Measure the true 3D movement of the subject including long bone rotations for accurate measurement of joint angles.

PrePost Analysis

PrePostAnalysis_with Bike Rider

  • Collect dynamic riding trials bi-laterally.
  • Click from a selection of data panels to view joint angles, velocities and accelerations.
  • Compare right and left side consistency with data ranges, maximum and minimum values.

Trace Analysis

2D Traces

  • View 2D traces of hip, knee and ankle.
  • Compare positional anomalies and stroke consistency.

RealTime Fitting


  • When you have decided what data needs to be modified, you can begin RealTime Fitting
  • View data in real-time while you make adjustments to saddle and handle bars.
  • See how your adjustments affect joint angles or trunk orientations.

Bike Dimensions


  • When your adjustments have the rider’s data as you want it, capture a post fitting ride to compare rider performance before and after your changes.
  • Digitize your final bike adjustments for addition to your report or to help select his or her new bike.
  • Use the report generator to create your video or printed report.

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